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Montevideo, Uruguay

IP Key LA Brings Patent Examiners to Uruguay for a Training Event

The activity designed and organized by IP Key LA consists in a two-day workshop in Montevideo, next April 29th and 30th, aims to provide hands-on training on free EPO tools (Espacenet, CCD and Global Dossier).

Enrique Molina Galan, EPO director, has been specifically designated by the institution to carry on this activity, with the logistical support of both IP Key LA and the local IP office DNPI. The training event is designed to help Latin American IPOs increase in the efficiency and predictability of their examination decisions though a better understanding of EPO tools and an improved understanding of EPO search reports.

A crash course on substantive examination at the EPO has been added to the programme. In this case, the EPO official will also conduct an introduction to the way EPO examiners work when dealing with patentability requirements.

Approximately 25 examiners from some Mercosur countries and Chile will attend the workshop.

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