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Geneva, Switzerland

IP Key LA gathered Heads of IP Offices for a high-level encounter alongside the WIPO GA in Geneva

Designed for Heads of IP Offices – from both the EU and Latin America – the activity provided a forum for information exchange. The idea was to create synergy among the IP offices, share experiences and collect information from the heads of Latin American IP offices, who are closely involved in developing IP Key LA activities.

Alongside the WIPO General Assemblies in Geneva, this high-level encounter provided a golden opportunity to gather face-to-face feedback on the IP Key project from crucial stakeholders in Latin America.

The discussions during this meeting also highlighted relevant IP subjects that affect the region, in particular ‘Digital Trends’ in IP, which is a recurring topic in the IP Key Annual Work Plan 2019, especially focussing on enforcement/infringement of IPRs.

Finally, the feedback gathered will be useful when drafting the Annual Work Plan 2020, where the team will take into account the already-expressed EU interests, while cross-checking the Latin American interests, looking for potential synergies and common areas of action.



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