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IP Key LA introduces the fourth Customs and Border Enforcement Workshop

Customs authorities are key players in the fight against piracy and counterfeiting. This is because most infringing goods flooding the markets today are not manufactured in the country where the goods are sold and, therefore, must at some point make their way across borders.

For the fourth consecutive year, IP Key LA continues training customs officials to enhance their understanding of the challenges present in the current landscape of international piracy and counterfeiting. These training workshops – as well as cooperation at the international level – are essential for effective border actions.

The fourth Customs and Border Enforcement Workshop has been designed in an online format and will allow customs authorities to analyse and better understand the constantly changing nature of trade in pirated and counterfeited goods.

Participants are expected to share the latest developments, technical skills and practical knowledge in the area of border enforcement. Selected customs officials will introduce learning tools to train colleagues in matters of border enforcement of IP rights.



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