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Buenos Aires, Argentina

IP Key LA introduces the Second IP Enforcement and Governance Week, in Argentina

18 months after starting work on the construction and consolidation of an intellectual property network in the region, IP Key LA announces the second week dedicated to the Observance and Governance of Intellectual Property. On this occasion, the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, will host authorities related to the administration of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and representatives of companies from Latin America and the European Union, who will attend activities dedicated to the promotion of the enforcement and governance of IPRs.

On August 20, there will be a Forum on Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy, whose content and exhibitors will seek, among other things, strengthen cooperation between the MERCOSUR countries and the EU; address the governance challenges of the IP system in Argentina, Latin America and the European Union and exchange knowledge and identify tools that help reduce piracy and counterfeiting in the region.

On August 21st and 22nd the II IP Regional Seminar for Customs Officials of Latin America: the identification of counterfeit products in the EU, MERCOSUR countries and Chile will take place. In this event customs officials from Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil and Argentina will be able to exchange information on legislation and customs issues for the surveillance of border IP infringements. With this, an attempt will be made to delineate best practices for the identification of counterfeit products, such as improvements in the use and analysis of port and airport documentation and risk assessment methods.

Simultaneously, judges of the courts of Latin America -especially of the Mercosur zone and Chile- will participate in the II IP Key Symposium for judges of Latin American countries: IP infringements in the digital environment. In this opportunity the importance of reinforcing the cooperation between actors of the judicial power of the region and of the EU will be addressed, with the aim of facilitating the construction of common and coherent approaches in the observance of the rights of intellectual property in the technological context and of the region.

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