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Buenos Aires, Rosario (Argentina)

IP Key LA promotes potential benefits of international IP protection systems in Argentina

IP Key LA pursues the goal of favoring the development and implementation of modern, internationally accepted procedures and practices for obtaining IPRs in Latin American countries and providing capacity building which can bring benefits to as wide a range of recipient Offices.

In this endeavor, IP Key LA, together with key stakeholders such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and INPI (Argentina) organized a series of seminars dedicated to highlight the advantages for business carried out in several countries of international registration systems for trade marks and designs.

Representatives of rights holders, industrial property agents, exporting companies and authorities met in Buenos Aires and Rosario, to listen to experts from public and private institutions who presented both the requirements and procedures for the registration of trade marks, designs and industrial models

The IP Key LA guests, Eli Salis and Johannes Fuhrmann, presented specific cases of the protection of these IPRs. Salis presented the case of a well-known Catalan chef who, after creating an alternative to french fries, needed a protection strategy for both the trade mark and the design, at communitarian and international level. Fuhrmann, meanwhile, addressed the different trademarks registered by Lego and how they have resolved disputes that arise when third parties wish to register similar trademarks.

With this initiative, organizer hope to generate more interest in taking advantage of international protection systems (Madrid and The Hague) to benefit national companies and entrepreneurs and help them reach new territories efficiently.



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