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IP Key LA brought EU experience to the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks (STLT) seminar, organised by the DNPI and WIPO

One of the aims of IP Key LA is to support the development and implementation of modern, internationally accepted procedures and practices for obtaining IPR in Latin American countries. IP Key LA provides expertise and promotes exchanges of knowledge to facilitate progress towards the adherence by partner countries to the most important international IP treaties.

In this sense Martin Schlotelburg, deputy project leader of IP Key LA, took part in a virtual workshop on 28 October 2020 on the benefits of the STLT, organised by the International Bureau of WIPO together with the IP office of Uruguay.

Mr Schlotelburg presented EUIPO practice as regards non-traditional trade marks such as those consisting of sounds, movement or holograms. He acknowledged that the registration and publication of these modern trade marks may pose technical and legal challenges to IP offices, but he emphasised the benefits of overcoming them as they pave the way for users to gain legal protection of modern forms of trade marks pertinent to the digital age.



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