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Ciudad de México

IP Key Latin America joins the Green Expo 2019 with a Seminar on Intellectual Property and Green Technologies

The Green Expo is the Latin American event that presents cutting-edge sustainable solutions and technologies for all industries and aims to bring together, in the framework of an exchange of knowledge and business, all industrial sectors interested in the development of a Circular Economy with Zero Waste. And, as part of its 2019 edition, it has convened IP Key Latin America to develop a seminar focused specifically on Intellectual Property and Green Technologies.

The activity will provide an overview of the role of IP in the management of innovation, the dissemination of technical knowledge and the transfer of green technologies. In addition, IP initiatives implemented in the European Union will be announced, particularly in the field of the Patent System and the use of the technological information contained in patent documents. The success story of a company that uses IP in the management of green technologies will also be presented.

This two-hour seminar will take place on September 5 at the Tajin and Petén Hall (Mezzanine)  of the WTC in Mexico City, and brings together Mexican and European companies, universities, research centers, Technology Transfer Officers (TTOs), incubators, law firms, chambers of industry and commerce, SME associations, funds, and public sector actors.

Additionally, The Green Expo will have a stand for the European Union, where attendees can learn more about the Circular Economy and practices to gradually limit the use of plastic. And, during the morning of September 5, will take place the seminar European Union and Mexico: allies on the way to zero waste, where European experiences and opportunities that are glimpsed in Mexico will be exposed, as well as practices and projects that already are under development locally.



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