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Online seminar - European experiences in the fight against digital piracy

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property invited European experts to participate in the ‘Online Seminar on Combating Piracy in the Digital Environment’, which took place on 8-9 December 2020.

During the first session, IP Key LA and experts from the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights shared their views on different topics. In the round table discussion, ‘Advantages of the New Enforcement Figures of the LFPPI’, Blanca Arteche (EUIPO – Observatory) shared the EUIPO's work on conciliation, which is included in the Federal Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property of Mexico (LFPPI). She also spoke about the European experience of detaining pirated or counterfeit goods in transit.

Josefina Moreno (IP Key LA) emphasised the importance of international cooperation and IP Key LA’s work on technical assistance and in the sharing of best practices among countries. Mexico was congratulated on the new LFPPI, which contains very important cutting-edge regulations for the protection and defence of IP rights.

Nestor Martínez Aguado (EUIPO – Observatory) participated with a presentation on ‘Protection and Enforcement of IP rights in the Digital Environment’, which described the work that the EUIPO and the Observatory do for the protection of IP. It also covered the work they do in the context of the Coalition with EUROPOL (IPC3) and the European experience of IP enforcement in the digital environment.


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