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Seminars on IP solutions for SMEs working in Latin America

In a technological and social environment that is undergoing major transformations – with a growing tendency towards a data-oriented economy and society, the emergence of AI, and the growing importance of technologies such as blockchain, 3D-printing and the Internet of Things (IoT) – the need for protecting intellectual property rights has never been more important.

Furthermore, the effective use of IP by all economic actors, in particular SMEs, is of strategic importance for the economies of the EU and Latin America. At the same time, there are many gaps and weaknesses that get in the way of those companies looking to protect their intangible capital to maximise the commercial potential of their IPR.

IP Key LA has worked intensively over the past 3 years to raise awareness and inform SMEs about the opportunities and advantages of protecting their IPR. In its fourth year, the project delivered two virtual seminars to reach as many interested audiences as possible, both in Latin America and the EU.

The seminars included topics such as ‘Intellectual Property Rights for innovative SMEs’, and ‘Achieving competitiveness though IPRs’, aiming to cover basic strategies related to the commercialisation of IPRs, with a particular focus on business with an international reach. Presentations on leading initiatives and tools were delivered by experts and representatives of leading institutions such as the EUIPO and other specialised European organisations and EU Funded Projects.

  • El escaneo de los activos esenciales de PI [vídeo]
  • Empresarios, inversores, consultores, empleados – ¿a quién pertenece la PI desarrollada? [vídeo]
  • Estrategias de protección para la PyME tecnológica [vídeo]
  • El análisis de patentes como instrumento estratégico  [vídeo]
  • Aspectos ligados a la comercialización de la PI  [vídeo]
  • La Experiencia de las PyMEs (II)  [vídeo]
  • La Experiencia de las PyMEs (II)  [vídeo]
  • Servicios de PI para PyMEs: mejores prácticas (1)  [vídeo]
  • Servicios de PI para PyMEs: mejores prácticas (2)  [vídeo]
  • Servicios de PI para PyMEs: mejores prácticas (3)  [vídeo]
  • Pymes y P.I.: Un caso de éxito [vídeo]



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