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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seminars for Judges on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights and Online Markets

IP Key LA has convened judges with IP jurisdiction from courts in Brazil, other Mercosur countries and Chile to participate in the seminars "Infringements of copyright in the digital environment" -organized in collaboration with IFPI- and "The observance of trade mark and design rights and online markets” -with the support of INTA and BASCAP-.

Both events will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 15th and 16th and have been designed as a space for the exchange of information between public and private actors, to address the challenge of ensuring compliance with IP laws in the digital environment.

In addition, the seminars aim to strengthen cooperation between the different stakeholders of the judiciary in the region and the European Union, as a means to facilitate the construction of common and coherent approaches in the observance of IP rights, considering the current technological and economic contexts.

It is expected that experts from European and regional organizations invited to these seminars provide updated information on the most frequent infractions and the available measures to prevent or limit them.

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