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Areland; a Success Story to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day

To commemorate International Intellectual Property Day, IP Key Latin America in conjunction with the IP SME Helpdesk, present a success story in the land where the nature of Costa Rica converges with the world of IP.

In a setting with breathtaking views of a volcano and a lake, a 22-suite hotel will be built, meticulously designed to offer guests an experience that redefines the concept of comfort in harmony with nature. Every detail, from the architecture to the service provided, is designed to immerse visitors in an atmosphere of tranquillity and connection with the environment.

The Areland project was the brainchild of singer Big Mambo, who, inspired by JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" saga, envisioned a place with the same atmosphere as "The Shire" in a privileged enclave in Costa Rica. However, this ecotourism business model presented some tricky questions about the Hobbit architecture and how to learn and respect the complex rules of the IP that protected it.

Just as in the author's trilogy, Frodo seeks guidance and advice from Gandalf, Pablo Vera sought his "wizard" for the same purpose. And so the Areland project, thanks to the advice of the IP SME Helpdesk, embarked on its journey into the world of IP in the same way as the little hobbit and his wise friend in The Lord of the Rings.

As with the great ring of power, Areland realised how tempting and powerful a properly copyrighted creation could be, and how dangerous it was to use it without having the right to do so. Thanks to the Helpdesk, they were able to find their feet, and decided to dispense with Tolkien's imagery altogether and go for pure creativity and innovation of their own. They also received valuable guidance on how to protect the intangibles on which the hospitality project is built and with the support of the Helpdesk team and a local lawyer, they found their true allies in the copyright of all their audio-visual material, as well as in the trademark, which would provide protection against orcs and trolls.

Areland is now ready to present itself to the world with the enthusiasm and confidence of the youngest Baggins and his magical mentor. Thanks to this experience, Pablo Vera has learned a lot and is ready to face any challenge that the future holds for him (even if that includes a metaphorical passage through "Mordor").

We share with you this video, where you can discover the wonderful escape to nature called Areland and learn how IP is a key part of entrepreneurship in Latin America.

"Dreams are like the stars; you may think they are far away,
but if you follow them, they will take you where you want to go."

Quote from the book "The Hobbit"


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