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Bogota Innovation Week

From 14-16 May, Bogotá became the epicentre of international intellectual property debate and collaboration with three major events. Experts in the field of plant variety protection, leading judges and representatives of academic and governmental institutions gathered to discuss the challenges, opportunities and developments in this crucial area.

International Collaboration on Plant Variety Protection Event
Date: May 14, 2024

The Externado University of Colombia, in partnership with the Community Plant Variety Office of the European Union and the IP Key Latin America project, hosted an unprecedented event focused on plant variety protection and regulation. This meeting provided a platform to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices in the field of plant breeders' rights and plant variety issues.

Dr. Francesco Mattina, President of the EU Community Plant Variety Office, underlined the importance of this event: "The event organised on plant variety rights is of crucial importance in the current context, as it addresses issues essential for the protection and promotion of agricultural biodiversity. This forum not only allows experts and practitioners to share knowledge and best practices, but also fosters dialogue on innovative and sustainable policies. The protection of plant varieties is essential to ensure food security, encourage agricultural innovation and preserve genetic diversity, key elements to face the challenges of climate change and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come".

The event also included the participation of Hugo R. Gómez Apac, Magistrate for the Republic of Peru in the Andean Court of Justice (TJCA), who presented the legal interpretative criteria developed by the TJCA in the Preliminary Interpretation 384-IP-2019, of November 7, 2023, on the figure known as the "farmer's privilege" referred to in Article 26 of Decision 345 - "Common Provisions on the Protection of Plant Breeders' Rights".


45th Anniversary of the Court of Justice of the Andean Community
Date: May 14, 2024

The Andean Community Court of Justice celebrated its 45th anniversary with a special event at the Jockey Club in Bogota. This celebration brought together leading jurists and academics to reflect on the role of the court in the protection of intellectual property in the Andean countries.

Within the framework of this anniversary, the official launch of the digital version of the commemorative book "Tribunal of Justice of the Andean Community: 1979-2024, 45 years of creation and 40 years at the service of law and integration" took place. It is the largest legal work ever written on the Andean Community Court of Justice.

Mr. Iñigo Salvador Crespo, President TJCA, thanked the guilds related to competition law (ACDC), intellectual property (ACPI, CECOLDA) and arbitration of Colombia for having organised this academic event in homage to the anniversary of the TJCA for its 45 years of creation and 40 years of operation. In this context, he made a historical review of the jurisprudence of the Andean Court, indicating those judgments that, in the 80s of the last century, pronounced for the first time on the actions of nullity and non-fulfilment and the prejudicial interpretation. He then went on to explain the problem of the increase in procedural costs, which led the Andean Court, on the basis of the application of the principle of procedural economy, to approve the legal criterion of interpreting the clarified act. He concluded his presentation by explaining the positive results of the clarified act for the benefit of the users of the Andean dispute settlement system.


Seminar "Combating Intellectual Property Rights Infringements in the Andean Community".
Dates: 15-16 May 2024

Organised by IP Key Latin America, this seminar brought together judges, prosecutors and officials from intellectual property offices from across the region to discuss strategies for combating intellectual property rights violations. The event was held at the Externado University of Colombia and featured a full programme that included panel discussions, expert presentations and networking opportunities.

According to Carlos Azorín, Head of the IP Key Latin America Project: "This seminar is a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices in the fight against piracy and other IPR violations in the Andean region".

During the welcoming remarks of this seminar, the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Community Plant Variety Office of the European Union and the Externado University of Colombia was presented, which seeks to promote collaborative activities in training, research and institutional development related to plant varieties. It was explained how this four-year agreement will support the dissemination of knowledge, the organisation of events, the promotion of public policies, the development of social innovation initiatives and the improvement of the plant variety protection system.


Conversatory on "Community Trademarks: European Union - Andean Community".
Date: May 16, 2024

Organised by IP Key Latin America and the Department of Intellectual Property of the Externado University of Colombia, this seminar was held with the participation of Manuel Guerrero Gaitán, Alfonso Rivera Canales and Hugo Gómez Apac. The importance and positive impact of the European Community Trade Mark on the EU market and economy was analysed. Subsequently, the benefits of having an Andean Community Trademark were discussed, leading to the conclusion that it is necessary in order to strengthen Community trade, boost the economy and benefit consumers with a greater and more varied offer of goods and services.

The "Intellectual Property Week in Bogotá" was a great, enriching and essential opportunity for all those interested in the protection of intellectual rights in Latin America and beyond.


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