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Commemorating IP Key LA’s 48 months of hard work and successful results

In September 2017, when the inception phase of the first-of-its-kind IP project implemented by the EUIPO in Latin America started, it seemed like an ambitious endeavour.

During IP Key LA’s first year, the project focused on its most significant objective: to raise awareness about the importance of IP for local economies, citizens and their quality of life. At the same time, the project attracted the attention of businesses, big and small, interested in protecting their innovations by registering and protecting their IP rights. We know that this, in turn, has a natural positive impact on their commercial interests.

From the moment the first activities were implemented, it was already possible to perceive how the project would be able to create an extensive and plural intellectual property network, built through the international cooperation actions with national and international partners. Moreover, how the project also showed potential as a tool for regional and sub-regional convergence, while promoting EU and LA best practices.

During these 4 years, the project worked on different formats and approaches, from seminars to webinars, from videos to studies, enforcement weeks, to train-the trainer events. The project, through its team of experts, also implemented several high visibility events, involving thousands of participants.

Communication efforts were constant and reached every corner of a very large continent. Latin American media highlighted coverage of the activities, the intense cooperation between Latin American and European experts and the permanent exchange of best practices, tools and processes as the path IP Key LA and IP offices were blazing to make IP more accessible, more predictable, more convergent between EU and LA.

Now, it is time to look back and say ‘Thank you’ to each and every participant, expert, company, stakeholder and team member for making IP Key LA such a successful endeavour. We expect to continue working closely with you in the coming months, as IP Key LA Phase II kicks off.




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