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IP Key LA Inaugurates Its Offices for MERCOSUR Projects in Brazil

In an exciting achievement for regional cooperation in Intellectual Property, IP Key LA celebrated the official opening of its offices for the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in Brazil last week.

The long-awaited event took place in Rio de Janeiro on July 12th and marks a significant milestone in strengthening the ties between the European Union and MERCOSUR countries in terms of the protection and promotion of Intellectual Property. The inauguration ceremony was attended by distinguished representatives from IP Key LA, officials from INPI Brazil, and other key stakeholders in the field.

The new IP Key LA offices at INPI Brazil will become a strategic hub for fostering knowledge exchange, best practices, and training among MERCOSUR member countries and the European Union. They will also facilitate the development of joint projects and collaboration in areas of common interest, thus stimulating innovation, economic development, and effective protection of intellectual property rights in the region.

IP Key LA extends its gratitude to its colleagues at INPI Brazil for providing a space within their facilities in Rio de Janeiro, where it will continue its steadfast commitment to strengthening cooperation in Latin America. The opening of these offices represents a significant step in its mission.


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