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IP Key LA participated in the sixth phase of Operation 404

IP Key LA was present in the sixth phase of Operation 404, an international action against piracy aimed at suppressing crimes committed against intellectual property on the internet.

The action is part of an internationally integrated mobilization coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (National Secretariat of Public Security of Brazil), the Civil Police of Brazil, and Law Enforcement Agencies from the United Kingdom, Peru, the United States, and Argentina.

In Brazil, 22 search and seizure orders were executed judicially, along with 238 blockages and/or suspensions of illegal websites and streaming applications, content deindexing from search engines, and removal of profiles and pages on social networks.

In the other participating countries, close to 368 websites were blocked, and two search and seizure orders were executed.

Operation 404 stands as a successful case in combating intellectual property crimes in the region, resulting from significant cooperation between national police and prosecution, cross-border collaboration with other involved countries, as well as public-private cooperation.


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