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IP Key LA participates in a business forum organized by WIPO, OEPM and INDECOPI

With lectures on the importance of Intellectual Property for SMEs, the protection of trademarks and, designs in Europe and the access to relevant information on industrial property, IP Key LA’s project leader Pedro Duarte provided information, experiences and useful resources for those involved in the registration, protection and defense of IP rights.

The IV Forum of companies on industrial property and internationalization: The international system of industrial property, organized by OMPI, OEPM and INDECOPI, took place on June 19th, 20th, and 21st and brought together companies and public and private institutions in Lima, Peru. For WIPO, "it is necessary to raise the awareness of companies about the need to incorporate their industrial property titles as part of their business assets" and, in this sense, the trade marks, as well as patents or designs, represent strategic assets for international competitiveness.

At the end of his participation, Pedro Duarte highlighted the importance of this type of events, which, like the activities organized by IP Key LA, "seek to guide, inform and educate the different economic sectors of the region about the importance, usefulness and the need to consider intellectual property as an investment in their business, an incentive to innovation and creativity in their teams and a tool to open up the possibility of growing and expanding their operations internationally."

The project is currently working on the organization of activities for the second half of the year, such as the Enforcement Week in Argentina, workshops on online infringement of IP rights and other activities that identify good practices and the importance of IP.

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