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IP Key LA presents its 2023 Annual Work Plan

The IP Key LA programme presents its 2023 activity plan. The plan envisages implementing, with the constant support of the European Union Intellectual Property Office, 21 activities. The activities will continue to promote socioeconomic development in 16 Latin American countries by disseminating and advising on the best EU intellectual property practices and standards.

The seminars, workshops, videos, visits, observance weeks, webinars and studies focus on meeting the objectives of phase II of the IP Key programme in the region. The activities are divided into the main topics of interest for producers and service providers, as well as for the government IP offices in each country or economic block.

There will be activities on geographical indications, plant varieties, patents, registered trade marks and designs, and copyright. These will be complemented with other activities targeting judges, the current digital world and border surveillance. In addition, a video will be made (in Brazil) to convey key messages on how to avoid acquiring counterfeit goods and how to support the local economy.

At IP Key and the EUIPO, we are sure that through the activities of the 2023 work plan, together with our partners across the region, we will successfully achieve the objectives of this second phase of the programme and achieve the main goal: contribute to the development of Latin America.


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