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What are IP Key Labs?

We are introducing a series of workshops called ‘IP Key LABs’ as an interesting pilot programme this year. The general idea is to create awareness and reflection on relevant trends in intellectual property and today’s digital world.

We will set up an online forum where the public, depending on the theme and region, can have an academic and practical debate with specialists in different subjects and thus participate in developing the dialogue around significant issues. This programme proposes to place special emphasis on the younger audience (student associations and/or universities) as they consume and generate most of the content on current social media platforms. Despite this emphasis, anyone at all who is interested in the topics will be able to access the sessions.

The IP Key Labs are planned to be short forums or webinars, with a maximum duration of one hour. Between one and three speakers will be invited to share their relevant expertise on the topics that will be covered in 2023.

Watch this space for information on how to sign up for the first forum!


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