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Would you like to enjoy the second IP Key Labs again?

On 18 May 2023, we presented the second IP Key Labs titled ‘Video Games and Intellectual Property’, which was organised following the keen interest shown from our social media followers. The gaming industry has a large, young audience interested in protecting any new developments in the sector.

The event took place online, with attendees joining from different cities around the world, including Mexico City, Bogotá, Lima, Quito, Asunción, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, and Alicante. The panel consisted of experts from Latin America, who shared their knowledge on this subject.

The event began with Marcelo García Sellart (Gordó Llobell & Asociados, Argentina) providing an overview of the current landscape in the gaming industry, while Aldo Fabrizio Modica (Barreiro Modica Abogados, Paraguay) presented different aspects of protection through IP, and José Roberto Herrera Díaz (Herrera Díaz Abogados, Colombia) discussed regulatory aspects used for these current issues. The webinar was moderated by Julia Pazos (DSMA Azulay, Brazil), who presented the conclusions and the question-and-answer section.

In summary, the second IP Key Labs was a valuable opportunity for participants to learn more about the relationship between video games and intellectual property from experts in the field. The high level of interest shown meant that the event was successful, which demonstrates how important this topic is to global community.

We have shared the complete session on our YouTube channel, as well as the presentations of the guest panellists.


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