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Indonesia, Vietnam

Series of webinars on trade mark focused on new types of trade marks and well-known marks, and preventing bad faith registrations

On 23, 25 and 29 June 2020, IP Key SEA organised a series of webinars on trade marks to discuss the new developments in non-traditional or new types of trade marks in a fast moving digital world and how these marks are assessed by IP Offices.  Protecting well-known marks and measures to prevent bad faith registrations, two issues of concern to businesses in South-East Asia, were discussed in one of the webinars.

Among participants were trade mark examiners, legal officers, businesses, and trade mark attorneys from Indonesia and Viet Nam. Webinar seats were also provided to IP Offices, businesses, and IP professionals in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Watch these videos related with this activity:

Video 1 - Latest Developments in the Protection of Non-traditional Trade Marks (EN) (IDN) (VNM)


Video 2 - Examination of Non-traditional Trade Marks (EN) (IDN) (VNM)


Video 3 - Measures to Prevent Bad-faith Registrations and Protection of Well-known Trade Marks (EN) (IDN) (VNM)

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