IP Key South-East Asia is directed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

  • IP Key South-East Asia is designed to support the interests of the European Union by helping countries address specific emerging challenges in the area of IP.
  • IP Key SEA aims to support the level of IPR protection and IP enforcement in the region and to facilitate market access to international trading partners, especially EU businesses and innovators.
  • To ensure the improved application of IP rules and regulations, the high quality and expeditious processing of IP files and an appropriate level of enforcement, the project will contribute with technical expertise and awareness-rising campaigns on the importance of the protection of IP. This shall in turn contribute to avoiding and discouraging measures of protectionism or market access barriers for international enterprises, including EU businesses and investors.
  • IP Key SEA is consistent with the strategic indications set out in the Communication by the Commission “Trade, growth and intellectual property rights in third countries”.

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