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Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the digital world

With the main objective of presenting success stories and best practices, IP Key Latin America (LA) invited authorities and institutions from all Latin American countries to the forum ‘Enforcement of IP rights in the digital world’. This online event took place on 29 November and featured experts in IP rights.

The general theme of the forum, separated in three panels, is of interest to society due to the relevance and topicality of the subject in this era of rapid migration to new technologies. The topics discussed were digital piracy, copyright and the sale of counterfeit products in the digital world.

In addition to raising awareness of the value of intellectual propertyMy creations are worth. Alejandro Ramirez and encouraging the adoption of different measures inspired by good practices in other countries, the forum encouraged cooperation agreements to ensure measures to combat IP infringements are more far-reaching and widespread. Recent developments were also analysed and tools that promote best practices and which have been applied in the European Union and Latin America were presented.

The conference was aimed at interested members of the public, as well as to authorities and institutions or associations from all Latin American countries involved in the enforcement of intellectual property rights.



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