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Mexico City, Mexico

The Enforcement of GIs brings EU and local experts to Mexico for a seminar

IP Key LA, along with the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI), has organized a Seminar on the Enforcement of Geographical Indications in Mexico City, in order to approach the existing measures in the area and how those can be improved, as well as exchanging information on transnational cases. The activity will provide a platform for discussion of best practices related to the enforcement of GIs and it’s expected to help participants prepare for the implementation of Mexican commitments under the modernized FTA.

The EU expertise will be used ins this activity to build upon and transmit best practices on enforcement, share information on EU legislation, judicial decisions and institutional procedures, including measures taken at the borders and within the territory, in defence of GIs.

On December 2nd and 3rd, IPR enforcement-related authorities from IMPI, prosecutors, customs officials, administrative judges and retailers are expected to join European and local experts to enhance their skills and understanding on enforcement. Also, to improve enforcement, identify best practices and improve synergies among authorities within Mexico.



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