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Enforcement week -Forum on Enforcement in the digital world

At the forum on enforcement in the digital world, IP Key Latin America’s objective was to address online piracy and other infringements of intellectual property rights. The activity helped to increase the awareness and capacity of Latin American authorities to protect and enforce IP rights. In addition, it provided the exchange of best practices to address counterfeiting and piracy in online markets between EU and international experts and Latin American authorities. Discussions on application problems in the digital world reported by EU stakeholders in Latin American countries were also discussed.

During July, this one-day online event was held to mark enforcement week with coverage in 16 Latin American countries. The event was divided into three parts and focused on the fight against online piracy and counterfeiting. More than 300 IP rights enforcement authorities participated, including representatives from customs, police, the judiciary, and policymakers. The event was organized in conjunction with two other IP Key activities, including border enforcement and a seminar for judges.


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