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Enforcement week - Seminar for judges

In an effort to strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) in Latin America, the European Union (EU) participated in a two-day seminar held on 6-7 July 2023 in Brazil. Organised in Rio de Janeiro, this event helped to improve judicial procedures and the interpretation of intellectual property laws, ultimately raising the standards of enforcement of intellectual property rights in the region. Building on the success of previous seminars, the activity brought together judges and prosecutors from Brazil, with an additional webcast, allowing judges from other Latin American countries to join the discussions remotely.

The seminar, held in cooperation with the EU Observatory and judicial experts from EU Member States, focused on increasing the effectiveness of the investigation, prosecution, and provision of legal remedies against IP infringements, particularly in the online world. By showcasing EU case-law and approaches to IPR adjudication, the event provided valuable insight and successful strategies. The ultimate goal was to align the practices of Latin American judges, with a special emphasis on Brazilian judges, with EU standards, taking into account the applicable Brazilian law. This initiative also strengthen the network of judges specialized in IP, thus fostering collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between Latin America and the EU.

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