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IP Key LA focuses first activity of 2020 on plant variety protection

As part of the 2020 Annual Work Programme, IP Key LA has joined forces with the CPVO, GEVES, SENADI and UPOV to hold three events in Quito, Ecuador in February.

The first event is a face-to-face workshop, ‘PVP Licensing Lab’, which aims to increase knowledge about plant variety protection (PVP) licensing amongst public research institutes and small and medium-sized private breeders. In the long term, this will promote the development of a healthy social and economic environment for R&D in this sector, thus facilitating foreign investment and partnerships.

Next there will be a seminar for the authorities, as well as for the private sector and academia. This is expected to make a contribution towards improving the enforcement of plant variety rights (PVRs) in the region. The CPVO and UPOV will deliver presentations on PVR enforcement, and participating countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) will share their experiences.

IP Key LA and its partners have also organised a workshop for technical experts from the abovementioned countries on the GAIA software, which is expected to improve PVP authorities’ DUS testing procedures. This workshop will be led by two experts from GEVES.

These events are extremely important as Latin America is the source of many agricultural exports. Promoting PVP will enable breeders to get protection and avoid the widespread imitation and usurpation of PVRs in international markets.



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