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Third IP Enforcement and Governance Week, focused on Andean Countries

For the third consecutive year, and despite the complexities imposed in the region by the COVID-19 pandemic, IP Key LA continues to work on the construction and consolidation of an intellectual property network in the region by executing its third Enforcement and Governance of Intellectual Property Week.

This time, the events will be held online, with a strong focus on the Andean countries, their IP authorities, representatives of companies, institutions and academia from Latin America and Europe.

The Enforcement Forum will take place on 14 December and will be an opportunity for enforcement institutions and stakeholders to address the main problems regarding IP governance and enforcement in the digital environment and the various additional challenges caused by the COVID‑19 pandemic. This will be an open event and those interested in joining the different panels can sign up at:

Between the 15-17 December, IP Key LA will lead the Customs and Border Enforcement Workshop. This is specialised training for customs officials from the Andean region, where they will exchange information on legislation and practices in the exercise of border measures applied to IP, taking into account the impact of the pandemic.

Finally, on the 17-18 December, selected judges from courts of the Andean Region will join the Judges Symposium. This event will foster discussion of recent case law and analyse best practice, emphasising the complexity of enforcing IP rights in the digital environment in the context of a pandemic.

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