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Great Attendance at IP Key LA Panels at the Guadalajara International Book Fair

IP Key LA, in conjunction with the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico, presented three panels within the International Forum of Publishers and Book Professionals at the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2023 on the 28th and 29th of November. Over 400 people attended and showed a keen interest in the three sessions.

The first panel, titled "Copyright and Current Challenges for Publishers in the European Union and Latin America," addressed the challenges posed by new technologies for authors, translators, illustrators, editors, and other industry professionals. Apart from providing a detailed explanation of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), the discussion delved into the impact of artificial intelligence on copyright issues and how to tackle these challenges in the current digital era. The panelists included Daniel Benchimol (Argentina), Shiran Ben Abderrazak (Tunisia-Belgium), and Maria Fernanda Mendoza (Mexico), moderated by Carlos Azorín, the leader of the IP Key Latin America project.

"The Copyright as a Promoter of Literary Work" was the second panel of the day, successfully emphasising the significance of copyright in the publishing industry. It was directed not only towards authors, editors, and readers but also notably highlighted the role of translators and illustrators. The latter are a crucial part of conveying ideas and adapting them to Mexican reality, although their contributions are sometimes overlooked in copyright discussions. The importance of enforcement was stressed, and the harm that piracy represents for rights owners, including the sale/purchase of publication rights, was discussed. The invited panelists were Gabriel Nieto Enrigue, José Luis Caballero, and Quetzalli de la Concha Pichardo, all from Mexico. Carlos Anaya moderated the session.

The third and final panel, "Mechanisms and Best Practices for Inclusive Intellectual Property," was presented within the European Union pavilion. This workshop showcased mechanisms and positive experiences implemented by international, regional, and national stakeholders to ensure inclusion in intellectual property rights. The Marrakesh Treaty was addressed with great interest from the audience, aiming to enhance access to copyrighted works for individuals facing difficulties accessing printed text. The invited panelists were Alejandro Santiago Hernández (Spain), Juan Pablo Bellini (Argentina), and Manuel Guerra Zamarro (Mexico), moderated by Josefina Moreno, the activities coordinator for Mexico and Central America at IP Key LA."


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