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IP Key LA collaborates with CISAC to strengthen the collective management and copyright of visual artists in the region

On October 29 and 30, IP Key LA and CISAC held an event in Santiago, Chile, with the objective of promoting an update of the copyright legislation applicable to visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, designers…) and exchange information on best practices for collective management in the region and in the EU.

The seminar gathered the CISAC authorities for Latin America, the main Collective Management Societies (CMS) for visual artists from the region and the expert from the EU, Dr. Ana Ramalho from the University of Maastricht.

The visual artists have had a leading role in the event, more specifically in a debate that addressed how to achieve effective management of their rights in Latin America. During the final phase of the event, the participants outlined the guidelines of a work plan for the rights entities of visual artists in the region.

Some of the challenges that must be faced, in favor of Latin American visual artists, are to facilitate access to works, improve legal security in the digital environment and provide effective means for artists to receive equal participation of the benefits of the value that their works acquire over time, beyond their first sale.

On the other hand, the regional development of the collective rights management is fundamental, since it allows artistic creators –through their association with the CMS– to manage the use of their work through various traditional media and the internet and to receive a retribution for it.

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