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2023 China-EU Conference on IPR Protection Online & Innovation

In partnership with CAASA (China Anti-infringement and Anti-counterfeiting Innovation Strategic Alliance), the 2023 China-EU Conference on IPR Protection Online & Innovation will take place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province on 26 May.

The conference follows a longstanding collaboration between IP Key China and CAASA, which has resulted in four previous successful conferences. These events took place in Xiamen (Fujian, China) in 2018; Haikou (Hainan, China) in 2019; and Beijing in 2020; and 2021.

This year’s conference will continue to focus on the protection of IP Rights in the online environment and best practice sharing in the development of international cooperation etc. The conference will consist of four panel discussions, including: “Technology empowerment + diversified co-governance” to support new consumption; e-commerce platform law enforcement practice; best practices of IPR Enforcement online and offline; sharing and analysis of the infringement and counterfeit cases on e-commerce platforms. Meeting details and the agenda will be shared as soon as possible.

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