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Agri-food products value based on the use of geographical indications

Geographical indications (GIs) are products whose qualities depend on the geographical place or region of production. Denominations such as ‘Roquefort’, ‘Cítricos Valencianos’, ‘Darjeeling tea’, ‘Sandia de Paine’ or ‘Limón de Pica’ underline an indissoluble link between the origin and quality of the product closely tied to the characteristics (climate, geography, production techniques, traditions) of its origin generating a value that is recognised by the public.

GIs allow groups of companies in a region to enhance the value of their agri-food products and, also, to enhance the image and recognition of the region through specific quality products.

This is achieved, however, through the collaboration of local businesses that legally protect and jointly manage the production and marketing of the labelled product. 

In this webinar, experts and representatives from Chile and the European Union will come together to highlight the benefits of the GI system and some of the key factors that constitute a successful geographical indication.

It will also examine the international protection of GIs, in particular protection trends in free trade agreements signed by Chile and the EU, including the prospects for a potential modernization of the Association Agreement between the two parties.

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