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Quito, Ecuador

IP Key La Announces New Workshop on Trade Marks and Designs Examination Practice

The IP Key Latin America 2018 work plan included the holding of a workshop in Costa Rica to facilitate the adoption of the search and classification tools created by EUIPO, from which the following results were obtained in 6 offices: RPI Costa Rica (TMview, DesignView y HDB), DNPI Uruguay (TMview, DesignView y TMclass), OCPI Cuba (TMclass), CNR El Salvador (TMclass), SENADI Ecuador (TMclass), DIGERPIH Honduras (DesignView).

In parallel, IMPI Mexico and INDECOPI Peru decided to use the harmonized database (HDB).

Given the success obtained, a new workshop has been scheduled for the AWP19 with two purposes. On the one hand, the integration of industrial design registers of Intellectual Property Offices in Latin America in DesignView, and the integration of trade mark registrations in TMview for offices that have not yet finalized the process. During the workshop, which will take place between June 10 and 14, 2019 in Quito, Ecuador, main data integration sessions will be held in these tools.

At the same time, technical presentations will be made to familiarize the participants with the use and promote the exchange of practices with global classification tools TMclass, the harmonized database (HDB) for the classification of marks, and Designclass, the classification database of industrial designs. Participating experts will also receive information on how to access these classification databases via web services, from online application tools for trade marks or designs, to facilitate their classification, reduce examination times and improve acceptance ratios.

So far, 8 offices in the region have confirmed their participation: SENAPI (Bolivia), INAPI (Chile), OCPI (Cuba), RPI (Guatemala), DIGEPIH (Honduras), RPI (Nicaragua), DYNAPI (Paraguay) and SENADI (Ecuador), which co-organizes the activity.

Finally, the workshop strengthens the work of promoting the network effect, by bringing together IP and IT experts from intellectual property offices in the region together with experts and tools from the European Union.


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