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Seminar on Plant Varieties in Ecuador

The inaugural seminar on plant varieties in Ecuador, organised by IP Key LA, took place on 8 and 9 June in Tabacundo, the country's flower-growing region. The event was a success, welcoming 53 participants, including small flower growers, breeders, lawyers, and officials from the Andean Community.

The seminar covered diverse topics, ranging from the global flower market to the significance of protecting plant varieties (PVV) for the competitiveness of Ecuadorian producers, as well as the requisite procedures for obtaining breeder's rights. Intellectual property experts and local specialists shared their invaluable knowledge and experiences, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

The presence of officials from Ecuador's Intellectual Property Office (SENADI) at the seminar highlights the government's dedication to reinforcing intellectual property protection and fostering a supportive environment for flower growers and breeders. These institutions play a pivotal role in promoting and implementing policies that support innovation and enhance the competitiveness of the floriculture industry.

The success of Ecuador's inaugural seminar on plant varieties marks a significant stride in raising awareness and promoting intellectual property in the floriculture sector. The exchange of knowledge and experiences among participants has laid a solid foundation for future collaborations and strategic alliances that will boost sustainable growth within the industry.


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