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Central American countries, Cuba and Mexico

Trade mark training for examiners from Central American countries, Dominican Republic and Mexico

Due to the current pandemic, an online workshop dedicated to trade marks has been organised by IP key LA, in collaboration with CarIPI. The target group comprises officials, in particular trade mark examiners from the national IP offices of Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The overall objective is to promote the adoption of EU standards in examination, protection and enforcement of trade marks, in particular as regards the prevention of bad faith registrations and the registration of non-traditional trademarks.

The presentations of EU standards will be delivered by two experts from the EUIPO and two experts from the Spanish national IP Office (OEPM). The current practices applied in the various national IP Offices of the region will be presented by participants. In addition, the participants have been asked to complete a questionnaire on current practice in the regions. The answers to the questionnaire will be discussed during the workshop.

See the PPT presentations made under this activity:

Topic 1: Non-traditional trademarks – The European practice

Topic 2: Non-traditional trademarks – The practice in the Latin-American Region

Topic 3: Bad-faith trademark registration – The European practice

Topic 4: Bad-faith trademark registration – The practice in the Latin-American Region


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