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EU-China seminar on IPR protection online and innovation

Beijing, China

EU-China seminar on IPR protection online and innovation

Following up on the discussions and engagement established during the EU-China online workshops that took place in November, IP Key China in cooperation with CAASA (the China Anti-infringement and Anti-counterfeiting Innovation Strategic Alliance) organised an offline seminar on IPR protection online and innovation. The seminar expanded on the topics discussed during the webinars. Representatives from government, enforcement agencies, the IP legal profession, service providers, academia, the EU and Chinese industry, IPR owners, e-commerce marketplaces and social media platforms attended the event.

The following seminar had a striking popular success, driving a full-house onsite (200 attendants as per Chinese Covid crisis regulations) and a whooping 450.000 people online, watching the livestream.

EU-China cooperation in this sector has been consistently active in recent years. IP Key China, as the instrument for partnership on IP cooperation between the EU and China, has had a longstanding collaboration with its key counterpart in China – CAASA. It resulted in the successful EU-China conference on IPR Protection Online and Innovation, which took place in Xiamen (Fujian, China) in 2018 and in Haikou (Hainan, China) in 2019.




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