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Panama City, Panama

Final 2019 IP Key Latin America activity focused on IP users’ experiences

IP Key LA, along with the Inter-American Association of Industrial Property (ASIPI) and the Registry of Industrial Property-Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama (DIGERPI), have organised the final activity of the project’s 2019 annual work plan, a seminar focused on the experiences of IP users in Central America.

The event will gather IP officials and authorities from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, as well as representatives of European and local businesses and the industrial sector, on 11 December 2019. It is expected to serve as a space to discuss IP policies, practices and governmental tools for competitiveness development in the business and industrial sectors.

As with most activities organised by IP Key LA, this one also promotes understanding of the importance of IP protection from the perspectives of social and economic development. In this particular seminar, users will benefit from the information provided by the attending IPOs and authorities will learn the user’s point of view and their IP needs. It has the potential to encourage a change in attitude and proceedings which, in turn, should stimulate foreign investment.

Overall, the IP users’ experiences seminar is an opportunity to create synergies between users of the IP system and between the competent authorities.



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