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Seminar on Geographical Indications and Trade Marks

IP Key LA organized, along with the Peruvian IP Office (INDECOPI) a Regional Seminar on Geographical Indications and Trade Marks. The activity consisted of a one and half-day event that took place in Lima in March 28th and 29th.

The objectives of the seminar mainly focused on sharing EU and Andean experiences in the region on the respective policy on geographical indications, the discussion on the state of the art regarding Trade marks and Geographical Indications, emphasizing the importance of homogeneous practices in the protection of GIs, and the incorporation of recently developed best practices.

Some of the highlights of the event, where 90 participants attended were: 

  • Geographical Indications are the EU’s rural intellectual property, protecting farmers and producers’ rights and guaranteeing authenticity and value added to consumers and the society. The EU attaches a great importance to a better protection and effective enforcement of Geographical Indications on the international scene.
  • According to external studies, products commercialized under a Geographical Indication have +2,3 market value compared with those without a Geographical Indication.  
  • Origen España explained that the objectives behind the creation of this organization were representation of the sector, protection of geographical indications, agreement promotion and awareness and communication on the benefits of geographical indications.




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