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Bogotá, Colombia

IP Key LA addresses the impact of copyright infringement in the digital environment in Colombia

To raise awareness and learn about the EU judicial practice in the area of ​​copyright infringement in the digital environment, IP Key LA has organized an activity in Bogotá, Colombia. The objective of the seminar is to exchange judicial and administrative experiences of the EU and Colombia regarding copyright infringement, in order to increase convergence in the application of intellectual property laws between these countries.

Officials of the DNDA, judges, prosecutors, police and Colombian customs officials will attend a symposium that will address the pressing challenges related to law enforcement in the digital environment, particularly in music, audiovisual and publishing sectors.

This activity is organized in cooperation with the EUIPO’s Observatory for Infringement of IP rights, the Colombian Copyright Authority (DNDA) and the Escuela Judicial “Rodrigo Lara Bonilla”.



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