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IP Key LA introduces the first IP Enforcement week in Mexico

As a major step in the process of building and consolidating an IPR network in the region, IP Key LA will hold the IP Enforcement Week in Mexico, with the collaboration of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, the Council of the Federal Judiciary, the General Administration of Customs and the EU Delegation to Mexico. Between November 12th and 16th, activities will take place in different venues of Mexico City.

Customs authorities, police, anti-counterfeiting networks & associations, representatives of the Industrial Property and Copyright Offices with judicial powers, right holders, law firms, companies, businesses and individuals from EU and LA, as well as trademark/patent/GI owners, IPR Agents, international and regional experts will join us during the Regional Seminar on Border Enforcement on IPR, the Enforcement Summit and the Judges Symposium.

Each of these activities will have common goals: to help with the improvement of IP administration and enforcement practices and generate awareness on the importance of Intellectual Property, its protection and enforcement.

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